A leading multinational firm has trusted Riera Nadeu for an ambitious project with 4 new centrifuges RINA 700F 1000 models.

In 2012, in the largest chemical complex of Europe, where all kinds of chemicals are being manufactured, Riera Nadeu was awarded with the supply of a high-performance centrifuge RINA 700 Serie for the production of vitamin.

After collaborating for more than 6 years, Riera Nadeu was entrusted again for the supply of 4 new units integrating significant improvements in order to meet some very specific requirements; the machines will work in a classified area and the product will be fed at -30ºC. We then developed a special horizontal peeler centrifuge working at high speed and with wetted parts made of AISI-316L. Following are the main features we can highlight:

_Plug & play concept

_CE-ATEX certification

_Opening/closing and locking system of the casing actuated with hydraulic cylinders

_Double o-ring seal on the casing flange

_Thermal insulated casing to protect the process from the difference of temperature and prevent the formation of condensation and ice

_Single effect scraper with two different speeds for entry and for withdrawal to minimize the time of discharge

_Solid extraction with discharge screw conveyor

_Sampling system at the solid outlet to recover some centrifuged wet powder without stopping the production

_CIP (Clean In Place system)

The machines have been supplied in 2 + 1 stages. Initially, in 2013, a first model was developed on which new solutions have been incorporated. Since then; 4 more units have been supplied in 2 different delivery dates. With the Commissioning and Start-up phase of the last units a third stage is planned to operate all the improvements made from the first unit.